How to Reduce Morning Sickness
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How to Reduce Morning Sickness

A guide for expectant mothers on the ways that they can reduce morning sickness.

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy that expectant mothers experience is morning sickness. Despite the name, this can occur at any time of the day or night. It is caused by fluctuations in hormones due to pregnancy. Morning sickness is experienced to different degrees from one mother to the next. While some women experience only slight nausea or no sickness at all, other women may find themselves vomiting at all times of the day. In the most extreme cases, a woman may have to be admitted to hospital for fluids and medication to prevent the sickness. However, this is unusual and in most cases the morning sickness will not be so extreme. Here are some tips for pregnant women on how they can limit morning sickness and cope with this pregnancy symptom.


This is the most commonly used solution to mild morning sickness. Dry biscuits are believed to work best. Also, ginger biscuits have the added benefit of containing ginger which is also used as a remedy for morning sickness. Keep a biscuit on your bedside so that you can eat it as soon as you wake, or ask your partner to bring you one in the morning.

Keep Up Your Fluids

It is essential that you make sure that you get enough fluids if you are experiencing morning sickness. Drink plenty of water. Fruit teas can be beneficial to women who are pregnant as can drinks that contain ginger. Try adding a slice of fresh ginger to hot water.

Eat Little and Often

Research has shown that women who experience morning sickness should eat little and often. Rather than having three large meals a day, have three smaller meals with healthy snacks in between.

Avoid Some Food and Drink

It goes without saying that alcohol should be avoided in pregnancy regardless of whether the mother is experiencing morning sickness or not. However, many women find other food and drinks can make their morning sickness worse. Some women find that drinks containing caffeine can make them nauseous. Others find that food with a high fat content can be a trigger.

Avoid Trigger Smells

There are many smells that a woman may find increases her nausea. It makes sense that these smells should be avoided if possible. Common smells that can make morning sickness worse are cigarette smoke, some perfumes, cleaning products and food being cooked in fat.

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