Seven Ways to Curb Your Morning Sickness
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Seven Ways to Curb Your Morning Sickness

If you are pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, try these seven tips to cure or prevent it.

Those first weeks of pregnancy can be tough for most women. Morning Sickness effects approximately 88% of pregnant women and while it is coined for 'morning' the vomiting doesn't only happen in the morning. During those first few months of pregnancy, there are ways to combat the symptoms of morning sickness and nausea.

  1. Peppermint - The smell of peppermint and other scents can keep your nausea at bay. You can try essential oils or candles. Put a drop or two of the scent in a warm bath when you feel nauseous and it works wonders for clearing up those moments.
  2. Ginger - Ginger has been used for centuries to curb morning sickness. Its over the counter and comes from Mother Nature, which will not harm your unborn child. You can get ginger in any forms: candies, gum, tea, or ginger ale.
  3. Get More Sleep - When your body rests, your body is more relaxed. Its true that the more your body sleeps, the better you feel. An added perk is that you don't have to think about being nauseous when you sleep.
  4. Ask a Family Member - Medical studies have shown that morning sickness could run in your family. If your mother was afflicted with morning sickness, it is likely you will be afflicted as well. You can ask your female relatives what worked for them.
  5. Prescription Medications - This is something that you will need to speak to your OB about, I am not a medical professional. However, there are some women who are affected by more severe morning sickness than the norm. In these cases, it it best to speak to your OB about your complaints and discuss your options for medications that may be available for you.
  6.  Dry Cereal In The Morning - Keep dry cereal or crackers by your bed. When you get up in the morning, eat a few pieces of cereal or a couple crackers before you get out of bed. It will help settle your stomach.
  7. Don't Eat and Drink at the Same Time - Keep your food and drink at room temperature. Try to eat first and wait 30 minutes before you drink something. It may seem difficult to separate the two things, but it is easier to digest.

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